Nutrition, essential in cancer treatment.

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It is important to understand how our body works. Our body is very moody and it often feels like eating food that is not very healthy. Why does this happen?
Very often, our body is very moody and it gets easily seduced by sweet and sometimes intense flavors of some foods which are very harmful to our health. A diet rich in
meat protein, fats, sugar or alcohol leads us to wanting to eat these foods all the time. But if we change our proteic and fatty diet for another one with lots of whole grain
cereals, vegetables, legumes, little meat and more fish, our body won’t ask for so much sugar. If we don’t eat so much meat our body won’t need any sugar, if at the same time
our diet includes whole grain cereals.

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This book pretends to be a complementary guideline in the treatment of cancer and other diseases.
But, it is really more than this, it is a guideline to prevent this and other diseases called autoimmune.

There are a number of factors which can favor cell mutation or degeneration. Tobacco, stress, alcohol, bad
nutrition, exposure or intake of chemical products, environmental pollution, excessive sun exposure…For this
reason, it becomes so important to give our immune system the means to fight against the disease, in order to
stop the degenerating process and the cell mutation.
This study is leading us to prove the importance of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of cancer.
Nutrition plays and essential role in strengthening our defenses. So, following an appropriate nutrition is not
just a question of weight control, it can also be a question of life or death when preventing cancer, among other pathologies, even when facing and overcoming it.


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