Lose weight and get your ideal weight once for all

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How and when should I change my diet? How will I know I am doing it right? What can I expect from such an important change?

1. A diet change must be made at the right time, when our whole body is ready for it.

2. It must improve our health condition; help us in our way to peace and harmony.

3. The diet must be pleasant, tasty, satisfying our hunger and making us feel good.

4. It must make us feel focused, clean and happy.

5. It will help us to lose or gain weight, according to our needs.

6. And, if we have lost our good health, it must give it back to us.

The new diet must not make you feel:

1. It is a problem when organizing your daily work.

2. It can’t produce you depression, bloating, stress, bad mood or tiredness.

3. You must not feel bad, worried or confused about the food you’re eating.

A diet change must always bring us a new way of life, wanting to do physical exercise, being creative, going out to walk, enjoying a book, enjoying sex, playing with your kids…



We could say, without fear of being wrong, that the 99% of people living in developed countries have been following a diet sometime in their life.

Some people say they have tried all types of diets, but they keep having weight problems.

Besides, there are diseases related to overweight like hypertension, diabetes, arthritis and cholesterol, among others, which should worry us even more than our weight problem.

These people go through new weight loss diets they abandon in a few months, only because they get

tired of them or because they get bored with the way of eating.

But the truth is that, during the time they have followed that diet, they haven’t lost that much weight

and some of them have even gotten ill due to the bad nutrition they have put themselves through.

Overweight is sometimes due to hormonal imbalance, mild hypothyroidism wrongly diagnosed,

malfunction of the adrenal glands, emotional problems we try to remedy with food, fluid retention due to food allergies and, of course, to excessive eating.

Overweight is becoming a severe health problem in the most developed countries, more than 50% of the adult population has overweight, but now obesity in children is also worrying, and they can suffer the consequences in their adult age if we don’t stop it now.

Each country’s government must treat these diseases and it is calculated that about 5% of the health

budget is going into these disorders’ treatment.


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